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If you’re looking for unique charcuterie board ideas for weddings, parties, events, or gatherings then you’ve found the perfect blog post. Charcuterie boards are becoming increasingly popular all across the United States because they are an excellent way to present food in a fun and creative way. Today we’re going to share with you 10 of our favorite charcuterie board ideas that will impress even the most discerning foodies. If you already own a charcuterie business, are just launching your grazing board business, or just trying to figure out the type of grazing board you want to order from a charcuterie artisan, you’ll find inspiration in the boards we have put together for this post. All of the grazing boards in our list are made using palm leaf disposable charcuterie boards. Every palm leaf tray is available for purchase on the Chic Leaf website.

1. A Classic Charcuterie Board


Boards By Mo @BoardsByMo has created this beautiful classic charcuterie board using our disposable palm leaf platter. She has carefully chosen a beautiful mix of meats, cheeses, and fruits and then sprinkled a few extra surprises throughout. Meat and cheese make up the basis of this board, and from there, a few nibbles were added that filled in the empty spaces. This is a great technique to use to fill the entire space of our Chic Leaf palm leaf trays or on more expensivebamboo serving platters if you choose to use them, especially for those just learning how to make a charcuterie board.

Add a wine or champagne pairing, and this charcuterie board would be the perfect showstopper for your guests or clients.  Charcuterie boards make for a perfect appetizer plate as guests mingle with one another. It allows them to nibble on something as they are getting comfortable at the event. And by using Chic Leaf palm leaf plates, it will leave them with a great first impression of your charcuterie making skills.

2. Strategically Use Vegetables and Fruits To Add Color



While cheese and meat still make an appearance on this charcuterie board, the splash of color that fruits and vegetables add to the plate will stop anyone in their tracks. Modern Brie is a pro when it comes to adding color to eco-friendly charcuterie trays. Not only does the color of the fruits and vegetables add character to the grazing board, it also helps attract your vegetarian and vegan clients. The great thing about this charcuterie board is that it satisfies all types of cravings and will undeniably wow your guests when you present it to them.

When it comes to choosing the fruits and vegetables to use on your charcuterie board, make sure to always use produce that is in season. It will keep the color of your board vibrant and fresh. Strawberries and raspberries are ideal for the summer months, but this can also depend on where you live. Adding small bowls in the center of the charcuterie tray is a great way to store dips and other wet food items so that the dry and wet food are separated.

3. A Beautiful Floral Grazing Platter

When we first saw this charcuterie tray from Forage and Gather Boards, we couldn’t believe our eyes. At first glance, it didn’t seem that it was an edible food tray. This is the perfect grazing platter for a brand launch or corporate awards ceremony, where you are really trying to impress the guests in attendance. The flowers add a lovely touch and the round palm leaf tray itself makes for plenty of snacks to go around.

The colorful decorations on this grazing platter are thanks to the addition of orchids and mint leaves, but if you look even closer, you’ll find there are plenty of delicious treats to snack on. They’ve added various types of cheeses like brie and manchengo, and added honey vanilla chèvre for the cheeses.  And with the generous amount of prosciutto to go alongside them, its the perfect grazing board for any large event. Almonds, honey, grapes, figs and cherries were added at the end to fill the empty space and helped to add more texture and color to the board.

4. Make Your Charcuterie Tray Personal


If you are creating a charcuterie board for someone’s special day or even for a brand launch or celebrating a special occasion, consider taking inspiration from none other than The Board Babe. This disposable charcuterie board is filled with the delectable cheeses, meats, and nibbles you would expect to find on a charcuterie board made on one of our Chic Leaf disposable serving trays, but she takes it one step further by personalizing it for a cute birthday baby with “Wild One”. While this board was created for a birthday celebration, you could apply this idea to a wedding anniversary, engagement, graduation, job promotion, or another milestone. Simply use a flat and sturdy cheese, which you can then use to cut out the letters or numbers you are looking to add to grazing palm leaf tray.

The board itself is packed with delicious treats, including fruits, olives, nuts, and chocolate bites. There really is something for everyone here, and it would even accommodate younger guests with the fruits and chocolate. And lastly, we love how The Board Babe added the jungle animal cut outs to keep with the Wild One theme. The paper cut outs are a perfect way to add to the overall theme of the grazing platter.

5. A Holiday Themed Grazing Board

When it comes to celebrating the holidays with your clients, we always recommend using a theme to build out the board. @Theboardbabe_ is a pro in for theme boards and has created this grazing platter for a 4th of July celebration, offering a fun and colorful tribute to this special US holiday. As it was made in the summer, plenty of berries were added to the plate to make the most of the seasonal produce that is available at this time of year.

The star crackers are one of our favorite additions to the board, which were purchased from Valley Lahvosh Baking Co. We love how she cut out a star from the Brie in order to provide more detail to the theme and connect the stars in the American flag. This dish really offers something for everyone in your gathering, and you’ll want to keep some extra crackers on hand to refill this section once they are all gone.

6. A Father's Day or Mother's Day Gift


Great Father's Day and Mother's Day gifts are some of the hardest to find because they need to be just perfect. This is where themed charcuterie boards are the perfect fit. You can create a special grazing board for that special father or mother that has all their favorite foods and then create a theme based on their interests. If they love baseball add edible baseballs. If they love golf, create an edible club and ball. If they love reading, create an edible book out of cheese. Or you can create a beautiful board with all their favorite food and add some text to the board to match the occasion like @IceCheeseboards did in this gorgeous board. 

This palm leaf platter is absolutely packed with different food items, and it will please anyone in attendance at your next meeting or celebration. Figs, kiwi fruit, grapes, and blackberries add a little more color to the Chic Leaf disposable trays, but you’ll also find plenty of cheese and meat to graze on. 

7. A Fun S’mores Board

If you fancy something a little bit different to impress your clients, consider this sweet board that’s filled with your favorite s’mores flavors. This would be the perfect ending to a meeting or party and can easily be placed on smaller individualized palm leaf plates around the venue. The berries and herb garnish add some much-needed color to the plate, and kids and teens alike would love this charcuterie tray, especially if you are hosting a family-friendly gathering.

To create this board, @Stemsca steered clear of the typical charcuterie supplies. Instead, she opted to add cookies, marshmallows, Oreos, pretzels, and squares of chocolate. Everyone always appreciates eating something sweet after so much savory food, so you could serve this after dinner snack tray made on a Chic Leaf plate alongside one of the other designs we mentioned above.

8. A Deep Red and Pink Grazing Platter


@_oliveandgraze_ has created this beautiful charcuterie board on a Chic Leaf palm leaf tray with red and pink colors, and it’s the perfect example of how using this color combination can help your cheese boards stand out both in real life and when you post them on Instagram and Pinterest. We love this idea so much because it focuses on a specific color scheme, which in this case is deep red and pink. While cheese may not add bright colors to the plate, with the selection of meats, berries, and sweet treats, anyone will enjoy a colorful platter on a board that resembles a bamboo serving tray.

When creating your red and pink grazing platter, some suggested items are strawberries, raspberries, red grapes, salami, red or pink flowers, red bell peppers, and even red candy. We think your customers will love the combination of sweet and savory tastes, meaning you could serve this bamboo serving platter at any time of the day. By using Chic Leaf disposable trays for your grazing boards, you won’t have to worry about picking up the tray when the event is over which lets you spend more time focusing on styling all your boards.

9. A Summer Grazing Platter


Build your charcuterie tray to match the current season be it winter, spring, summer, or fall and you're sure to impress customers at any time of the year. This grazing platter by @sunshinegrazing speaks summer picnic to us and would be perfect for an outdoor summer picnic. It uses seasonal fruits, pink flowers, yellow flowers, and purple flowers to create a bold summer vibe look. For seasonal boards, its important to always use fruits and vegetables that are seasonal to your local region. This would be an attractive centerpiece to add to any outdoor picnic, and your guests will be excited by the variety of treats it offers.

To create your seasonal grazing board, start with one of our Chic Leaf round palm leaf trays or palm leaf plates, to which you’ll add your favorite cheeses and meats. From there, you can fill all of the gaps with fruits, olives, dried fruits, nuts, and anything else which you know your customers will love. Slice up fruits to add more texture to the plate, and you’ll create a feast for the eyes and the stomach when you serve this grazing platter.

10. A Fresh and Healthy Charcuterie Tray


While you may associate charcuterie boards with meats and cheeses,  @kindraskitchen shows how easy it is to make a a healthy plate based on fruits and vegetables that will still wow your guests. If you own a fitness or health brand, this would be the perfect charcuterie tray for your next gathering, and it will help you and your clients stay on track with healthy eating plans.

While this disposable charcuterie board is primarily filled with fruits/veggies, you’ll see there are still some cubes of cheese to add a bit more substance to the board. The great thing about using fruit is that it naturally creates a colorful display, which you could add to any grazing table to brighten up the room.


Final Thoughts


disposable palm leaf tray

As you can see, there are so many different ways in which you can use our palm leaf trays to impress your clients at your next gathering. All of these grazing platter ideas need minimal time or effort to put together but will offer your clients a warm welcome to any meeting or conference you are organizing. By using Chic Leaf disposable serving trays, you won’t have to worry about washing up after your guests have left, saving you a lot of time after what is no doubt a long day. There are so many wonderful ideas out there for charcuterie ingredients and ways to use Chic Leaf eco-friendly trays, so we encourage you to unleash your creativity and enjoy experimenting with our disposable trays to impress your clients.

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