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Minimalist weddings have become extremely popular in recent years as more couples opt for creating a more enjoyable and intimate feeling along with reducing their impact on the planet. So what exactly is a minimalist wedding? A small minimalist wedding is a celebration that is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, with a focus on intimacy, personalization, and sustainability. In contrast, a large extravagant wedding is a more traditional and lavish celebration, with a focus on grandeur and extravagance. Small minimalist weddings tend to be more affordable, intimate, and eco-friendly, while large extravagant weddings are often more costly, formal, and resource-intensive. Both types of weddings can be beautiful and meaningful, but they differ in their priorities and approaches to planning and celebration. In this article, we will explore why more and more couples are choosing to have a small minimalist wedding over larger, grandiose weddings. 

Your Impact on Climate Change

The threat climate change is posing on humanity and future generations are causing many individuals to increase their focus and lifestyle in doing more to live a more sustainable life. This shift in lifestyle is contributing to the popularity of couples choosing to have smaller, intimate weddings these days. Large weddings can generate a significant amount of waste, including food, decorations, and other disposable items which are not eco-friendly. Small weddings, on the other hand, are more mindful of resource usage and are often more eco-friendly. There are many ways couples can have a more environmentally conscious and sustainable wedding and we have shared a few of our favorite tips here:

  • Use palm leaf dinnerware: Palm leaf dinnerware is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or paper plates. These plates are made from fallen palm leaves and are biodegradable, compostable, and reusable. Chic Leaf’s line of palm leaf plates, trays and bowls are the perfect choice for any wedding. One of the main ways that minimalist weddings can be more eco-friendly is by reducing the amount of waste that is generated. Large, extravagant weddings often involve a lot of disposable waste such as plates, cups and cutlery, which can create a significant amount of trash and end up in landfills. In contrast, when you use reusable or biodegradable dinnerware, such as palm leaf plates or bamboo plates, the amount of waste that is generated is reduced.

  • Choose a wedding venue that is environmentally friendly: Look for venues that prioritize sustainability, such as those that use renewable energy, have outdoor green spaces, and minimize waste.
  • Use eco-friendly materials: Choose materials and products that are made from sustainable or recycled materials, such as recycled paper invitations, biodegradable decorations, and organic or locally grown flowers. 

  • Consider the carbon footprint of transportation: Encourage guests to carpool or use public transportation to reduce the carbon footprint of the wedding. Alternatively, consider choosing a venue that is easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Serve locally sourced, organic food: Choose food that is grown or raised locally, and consider organic options to reduce the use of pesticides and other chemicals.

  • Use digital resources: Instead of printing out physical copies of documents or materials, consider using digital resources to reduce paper waste.
  • Donate or recycle decorations and materials: After the wedding, consider donating or recycling decorations and materials, rather than throwing them away. 

    By following these tips, couples can create a minimalist wedding that is both sustainable and environmentally conscious.

    More Money For Your Future

    Another reason many couples are choosing to have a small, minimalist wedding is cost. Large weddings can be extremely expensive, with the average cost of a wedding in the United States being over $30,000. This can be a huge financial burden, especially for couples who are just starting out and may not have a lot of disposable income.  

    Smaller weddings tend to be much more affordable, as they require fewer resources and involve fewer people. There are many ways to save money when planning a wedding, and of course, the number of guests is a huge factor in saving money. Other tips to reduce cost is by using compostable, biodegradable tableware instead of fine china. Palm leaf dinnerware is a perfect option because they look chic and elegant but are cost effective and also great for the environment. Just have some compost bins set up around the venue and your guests or event planners can just toss the used palm leaf plates in the compost bin after the wedding, making clean up a breeze. In today's economic climate, with rising costs of living and student loan debt, many couples are opting for more modest weddings in order to save money for other priorities, such as having enough savings for a down payment on a home or starting a family.

    Focus on Intimacy and Personalization

    The trend towards having smaller and more affordable weddings is also due to the changing attitudes towards marriage and relationships, and focus on intimacy and personalization. In the past, weddings were often seen as a way to show off wealth and status, with couples competing to have the most lavish and extravagant celebration possible. However, today's couples are more focused on the meaning and purpose of marriage, and are less concerned with societal expectations and external validation. This shift in perspective has led many couples to prioritize personal connection and intimacy over extravagance and excess, and to choose more modest and meaningful celebrations that reflect their values and priorities.


    Bye Extravagance, Hello Simplicity

    The popularity of small and minimalist weddings may also be influenced by the current cultural emphasis on minimalism and simplification. Look at how popular Marie Kondo has become? In a world that is increasingly cluttered and busy, many people are seeking ways to simplify their lives and focus on what is most important. This desire for simplicity extends to weddings, with couples opting for more understated and streamlined celebrations that are less stressful and more authentic. Less stress means the couples can focus more on the things that are most important to them, meaningful connections with their wedding guests and fully enjoying their special night. Small and intimate weddings also allow couples to be more creative and unique in their wedding planning, as they are not constrained by the expectations of a large event.

    Resources, Ideas, and Options, Oh My

    Finally, the trend towards more intimate and personalized weddings may also be influenced by the increased availability of resources and options, and overall just keeping up with the trends of a new generation. With the proliferation of wedding planning websites and social media, newly engaged couples have greater access to a wide range of ideas and inspiration, and can more easily create unique and personalized ceremonies that reflect their personalities and values. Additionally, the rise of alternative wedding venues and nontraditional wedding formats has given couples more flexibility and choice in planning their ceremonies, allowing them to create celebrations that are more meaningful and intimate.


    Overall, the trend towards more intimate and personalized weddings reflects the changing nature of relationships and marriage, the impact climate change is having on the planet, as well as the increased emphasis on individuality and personal expression. It is also influenced by the availability of resources and options that allow couples to create more meaningful and authentic ceremonies. And now with the sustainable and eco-friendly options that are available, such as palm leaf dinnerware, it has never been easier than now to create memorable, intimate and personalized weddings for newly engaged couples. Smaller, minimalist weddings offer a more affordable, intimate and sustainable alternative to extravagant, grandiose weddings.These intimate celebrations allow couples to celebrate their love and commitment in a meaningful and authentic way, while also reducing waste and the event's carbon footprint by using locally sourced and sustainable materials. Smaller weddings also provide an opportunity for more personal and special connections with guests, making them a popular choice for many modern couples. Regardless of the type of wedding that you choose, we encourage you to have a great celebration that is meaningful and special for you and your partner.

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