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A wedding is a day that will be remembered for the rest of your life. Many brides start imagining the dress they will wear, the look of their makeup and the smile of love on their husband’s face. Before we get ahead of ourselves we need to focus on one very important thing…what will the actual wedding day look like. Will it be outdoors or indoors? Big or small? Do you want privacy or do you prefer being surrounded by nature and big open spaces? Outdoor weddings are becoming more popular because they offer so many benefits. A natural landscape, the warmth of the sun, and the sounds of nature are a breath of fresh air in this day and age of over the top weddings with large hotel ballrooms, DJ lights, and artificial flowers. Outdoor weddings are generally less expensive than indoor weddings which help you and your spouse start saving money early. You can use your favorite outdoor setting as a backdrop to your ceremony, think mountains, rivers, lakes, gardens, farms, etc.

The importance of being eco-conscious in this time of climate change is important. But where do you start? We’ve got some great outdoor wedding ideas to help you create the wedding of your dreams and tips for how to make it kind to Mother Nature. There are so many ways to make it eco friendly, including beautiful compostable eco friendly plates made from palm leaves (P.S. we’re one of the largest sellers of palm leaf plates in the US and we have a complete line of palm plates you can view on our website).

palm leaf plates in a wedding


We have curated five of the most eco-friendly, beautiful and inspirational outdoor weddings just for you. From intimate backyard ceremonies, to breathtaking mountain top venues, these are just a few of our favorite styles that will get you even more excited about your big day.

1. The Romantic Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially because you can use the flowers from the garden as decor, making it eco-friendly too. You can take advantage of the natural beauty of a garden setting to create your own personal paradise.

The Romantic Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are also less expensive than other types of weddings and there are many ways to make your ceremony more intimate and romantic, such as with string lights and candles. You can also reduce even more cost and be eco-friendly by using disposable palm leaf dinnerware instead of renting fancy dinnerware. Disposable and eco-friendly dinnerware that are sustainable and compostable like Chic Leaf palm leaf dinnerware will add to the overall aesthetic of the wedding and save you more money rather than renting or buying fancy dinnerware.

2. The Rustic Outdoor Wedding

Barn-style weddings are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. That rustic-look creates a calm and relaxing feel while still being elegant and classy. For any couple who wants to get married outside, rustic-themed weddings are perfect. They offer a romantic, natural setting with the rustic feel of wood and succulent plants. Usually held in a barn house or a winery, they provide an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for smaller gatherings.

The Rustic Outdoor Wedding

The natural beauty that these venues offer can never be replicated with an indoor wedding. From the ceremony to decor, including the type of table setting that is used, can be customized to fit your style. Palm leaf plates and other dinnerware add the perfect touch to the overall rustic charm that these types of weddings have.  Many say our palm plates look like bamboo plates or even wood plates but at a fraction of the cost.

The Rustic Outdoor Wedding

3. The Beach Wedding

Nothing gets the bride and groom and their guests more excited than an outdoor beach wedding. It’s a vacation and a wedding all-in-one, and who doesn’t love that? These weddings are so beautiful and romantic and have a natural, relaxed vibe that is perfect for your wedding day. The sand below provides an earthy element to your big day and the ocean breeze creates a beautiful magic in the air.

The Beach Wedding

Most beaches also have a nice venue nearby, either on a cliff or a restaurant near the beach, to have your reception, which makes it easy for your guests to get from one event to another. And there is no better way to serve snacks and ice cream during the wedding ceremony than on beautiful chic palm leaf bowls and plates. Your guests will love them and they can easily toss them in the compost bin on their way to the reception.

 4. The Modern Indoor-Outdoor Wedding

The modern indoor-outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular because they’re beautiful and romantic, and most importantly allow for any kind of weather changes since it gives the couple and their guests two options for their wedding day. The ceremony can typically take place outdoors and when the sun sets and the temperature cools down, the party can move indoors. 

The Modern Indoor-Outdoor Wedding

Hotels and resorts are very popular for these kinds of weddings and allow for guests to be closer to nature while still enjoying modern amenities like air conditioning when needed. Wedding planners are planning more and more events with an indoor-outdoor vibe and have come up with creative ways of incorporating both spaces at the same time.

5. The Mountain Lodge Wedding

Most people think that you can only plan outdoor weddings in the seasons with warm weather, but more and more people are choosing to have a wintry, magical vibe for their wedding day. 

What is more beautiful than snow falling outside while you say your “I-Dos”? Your guests can sip on hot cocoa while watching the ceremony and then you can go inside the lodge to celebrate some more in the warmth. Outdoor winter weddings create a unique experience for the couple and their guests and can create so many amazing memories together. 


Final Thoughts 

palm leaf plates



 So there you have it. Here are the most popular types of outdoor wedding vibes. Regardless of the type of outdoor wedding vibe you decide to have for your wedding, Chic Leaf palm leaf plates are perfect for your big day! These biodegradable plates are made from real leaves so they're not just beautiful, but also eco-friendly, making your special wedding day a day to remember forever. You’ll be doing your part for our precious Earth, saving money, and using unique, stylish tableware when you choose our palm leaf plates for your big day.


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